A good read on online tone

Internet and former Hillary Clinton Web strategist Peter Daou has a great piece over at Huffington Post about the harsh tone often found in the blogosphere:

In a nutshell, online progressives (and their hubs like Huffington Post and Daily Kos) have borne the brunt of the blame for allegedly poisoning the national discourse.

Daou, making the case for liberal blogs, argues that much of the venom comes from a sense of moral outrage: that the Bush era policies were so egregious that liberals SHOULD be indignant, thereby fueling their harsh tone. He does not, however, feel that the most outlandish, ofensive comments found on blogs should be included when measuring the blogosphere’s tone or -more importantly- worth, since they are essentially a fringe that appears everyone and knowledgeable comenters to well enough to ignore them.

It’s certainly an interesting read and I am probably somewhat oversimplifying his arguement. However, it also adds to the point that blogs tend to mostly be an opinion source, a new punditry of the population.


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