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Huff Fund posts jobs

April 15, 2009

The previously mentioned Huffington Post invstigative fund posted its first set of job openings. They are:

The newly launched Huffington Post Investigative Fund is hiring. A nonprofit multimedia outlet, the Huff Fund will work in both video and text, and will initially focus much of its efforts on the financial crisis. We’re currently hiring the core text-oriented staff:

Executive Editor. This individual will oversee all editorial aspects of the operation. He/she will be responsible for upholding the highest standards of investigative journalism; managing and motivating staff and freelancers; engaging in strategic and operational planning; assigning stories to staff and freelancers and backstopping their work; helping manage relationships with partner organizations (other investigative groups, journalism schools); helping integrate citizen journalism efforts throughout the operation; reporting and some line editing.

Senior Editor. This individual will excel at reporting, editing and researching. He/she will be responsible for working with freelance reporters; managing some investigations; writing his/her own stories and blog posts; working with citizen journalists; and helping develop story ideas. Efficient line editing and facile writing are pluses.

Associate Editor: This individual will be responsible for writing, researching, editing and fact checking. He/she will excel at keeping track of many details at once, and will help establish and oversee an internship program focused on researching and fact checking.

For all of these positions, the Fund is looking for imaginative, intrepid individuals who share a passion for journalism, an enthusiasm for new media, and a desire to have an impact.

I found something interesting in the executive editor description that wasn’t in the others. Notably, where it says that the executive editor “will be responsible for upholding the highest standards of investigative journalism.” That is something that one would expect from a traditional media outlet, but not necesarily from a blog with clear political leanings. Especially since those standards include acting without bias.

This qualification, however, was not put into the other positions. This is just as interesting. Is it because they want to leave it to the editor to make sure that pieces with ideological stances are credible enough to withstand charges of partisan attack jobs? Or are they simply assuming that ALL people who work there adhere to the strictest standards of investigative journalism?