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Taking stock

March 12, 2009

So since we’re about halfway home, it’s time to take stock of where we are and where we’re going. So far, in the cases we have studied, blogs tend to be a bit more opinion-oriented. They tend to take a news item from an established media outlet and comment on it, presenting their view and allowing their commenters to have a discussion about it. These blogs include DailyKos, Hot Air and too many others to list in one place. So why is it that these blogs have such an attraction to readers? My early guess is that people enjoy reading arguments and news from their point of view and, in several cases, that fits their own pre-existing point of view. For more on this, read a post I did on this topic on my blog for Garett Graff’s class, You’re Making Me Do This…
To be completely honest, I am a bit disappointed in this project. When I pitched it, I had this vision of blogs posting stuff that the mainstream media would then jump on and report out themselves. After all, Talking Points Memo is helmed by Josh Marshall, the journalist who broke the U.S. Attorney firing story. So we know cases like that EXIST, we just have yet to see any this semester (aside from Deadspin breaking news about Mark McGwire’s steroid past). In fact, we have pointed out that The Huffington Post offers unique reporting on a daily basis. However, from what we have seen this reporting tends to be supplementary, as in it provides further detail into someone else’s story. It also sometimes include a level of personal opinion injected into it.

So where do we go from here? Well, the monotony of reading echo-chamber opinion blogs is certainly headache-inducing. So while we continue to monitor them just in case, we will focus closer on blogs like TPM and The Huffington Post, those with reporting staffs to see what kind of reporting they do and how much of what they do gets taken up by the mainstream media.